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CartoonSmart was the first training website to offer HD video. Seriously. Before YouTube was even founded, we realized screencasts needed to be way bigger than what others were offering. Nothing will replace books in the training spectrum, but sometimes you just want to put your feet up and watch someone else work. Since 2004, our customers haven't had to squint.

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Software to use

Your instructor uses the desktop version of Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk, but you can choose any illustration software you own. If you choose to use a sketching program for the iPad, two recommended apps are Sketchbook Pro for iPad and Art Studio for the iPad.

Your Instructor

Disney and Pixar-trained illustrator & animator, Paris Christou teaches this fantastic eight hour course on how to draw and color the female form in elaborate detail. His practice subject is Cherry, a creation of his that has gained internet notoriety as an iconic cartoon model.

Pin-Up Illustrations tutorial. Learn how to create your own spokes models.

Your instructor will teach you the finer points of illustrating your own spokes-model or "pin up girl" which you could use for a variety of marketing needs: eye-popping email campaigns, website ads, a hostess who explains features of a game or application, and of course she could be a traditional pinup girl on a print poster or calendar for your company.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: The Head

This first session focuses on illustrating the head. Before beginning the main course, you can watch an intro video on SketchBook Pro if you want to draw in the same program as Paris.

This video also includes an incredible real-time (non time lapsed) observation session where Paris draws various faces and hair styles with an ambient background audio track. You can practice along with Paris at your own pace during this part.

Session Outline:

  • Drawing the eye from different angles.
  • How to convey different moods with just the eye.
  • Drawing the lips from various angles with tips on cheek placement.
  • Drawing the nose and the importance of shadow.
  • Basic head shapes.
  • How to draw different hair styles.
  • How to put the facial features and hairstyle together with expressions.

Session 2: The Body

This session Paris teaches what every good cartoon pin-up girl has in common: an enticing body shape with perfectly crafted arms, legs, hands and feet. And as every student of the female form knows, those extremities are often the hardest parts to draw correctly. An odd looking hand or foot can ruin an otherwise great pose. So Paris pays special attention to teaching those parts as well as the more curvaceous aspects of his model.

By the end of this session Paris draws 64 full body poses in real-time along with MANY more close up views of the hands, feet, arms and legs

Session Outline:

  • How to draw the basic body shapes.
  • An anatomical breakdown of the body in side and front view.
  • How to draw the hands.
  • How to draw the feet.
  • How to draw the arms and legs.
  • 15 Standing Poses.
  • 14 Sitting Poses.
  • 12 Reclining Poses.
  • 14 Kneeling Poses.
  • 9 Back-view Poses.

Session 3: Illustrating and Coloring the Finished Piece

This session creates the final masterpiece, which is obviously the expertly shaded image of Cherry you see adorning our sales page here. She does help advertise the product doesn't she? And that aspect of this course shouldn't overlooked. Creating a gorgeous spokes-woman to sell your product or pitch your idea is a great final goal for this session.

Session Outline:

  • Putting everything together to sketch our final piece.
  • Creating the line-art.
  • Intro to Blending in Sketchbook Pro.
  • Coloring the line-art with technique #1.
  • Coloring the line-art with technique #2.

Preview Video

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8 hours of training. Fantastically taught.

Only $27. Like all CartoonSmart tutorials, you can download these videos directly to your computer along with source files for the projects. If you ever need to download your purchase again, you'll have access through Payloadz, our file delivery service.

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